The Hermosa Passion Familia is a collective of artists and creatives who are the brand's ambassadors and reflect the culture and philosophy Hermosa Passion stands for.

 Pictured above is Mike Luci.

- Luci is the collaborative brand manager, designer and creative talent behind Hermosa Passion.

Aside from his creative work for HP, Luci is a newfound Los Angeles based moto /lifestyle photographer who also produces and performs music in between his shoots and content creation.

Currently, Luci is primarily invested in numerous musical groups while at the same producing his own project which he aims to debut in 2018.

- Overall, Luci is part of the Hermosa Passion familia for is big contribution to the brand and how he reflects the values Hermosa Passion has.


Pictured above is Alec Rubay.


- Rubay is a Los Angeles music producer who spends his time working on films for a living while pursuing his passion projects in producing other artists as well as being an artist himself. Currently, Rubay is working on his own project called Narah.

- Under his project, Narah, Rubay was also the first artist to release music under Hermosa Passion back in 2016 and so the brand fully endorses Rubay's every move since he's part of the familia and a reflection of the same values Hermosa Passion has.